if you meal plan . . . read on

If you don't meal plan, STOP HERE.  As you know I meal plan every Saturday and I have our groceries delivered every Sunday night.  I try not to stock up on food, I like to keep just enough to get us through the week.  So every Saturday when I am putting our meal plan together, I take an inventory of the kitchen and try to use up leftovers, bags of pasta, rice, beans, etc.  I know if I don't use things up soon they will get pushed to the back of my cabinet and I will find them after they expire! In case you are curious (which you probably are not).  Next week I am going to use up a 3/4-full bag of dried pinto beans, a huge chicken, zucchini and rice casserole I have in the freezer (when I made the original one, I made two), black beans I made Tuesday to use Wednesday and Friday and froze the leftovers.  You get the point, so climb in your cabinets and pantry and use up what you have!  While you are in there check your expiration dates too!