quick clean

DO NOT WALK AROUND YOUR HOUSE EMPTY HANDED, THINK BEFORE YOU GO!  Before you leave a room, quickly take a peak and see if there is anything that needs to get back to it's home.  This is a spin-off of the one minute rule and it is a great trick to keep your house tidy.  In the beginning it will be hard to remember to quickly scan a room before you leave, be patient keep reminding yourself.  Eventually you will get the hang of it.  Here are some examples . . .

  • you are headed to the laundry room, is there anything (dish towel, socks, blanket, jacket, etc) that needs to be washed? . . . take them with you.
  • you are near your stock pile of t.p., paper towels, ziplock baggies . . . do these items need to be restocked anywhere in your home? if so do it.
  • you are headed outside for a run or walk, do any of your trash bins need to be emptied?  if so do it.
  • you are headed to your car, do you need to replace the tissue, chapstick, diaper stock pile etc in your car?  do it now.
  • you are headed to your garage, is there anything in your house that needs to be in the garage?  if so grab it and take it there now.
THE POINT IS . . . TO THINK BEFORE YOU SWITCH ROOMS IN YOUR HOUSE.  Obviously dirt makes a house dirty!  Stuff cluttered everywhere makes a house messy.  So if you start thinking about getting things in your home back to where they belong your house will quickly become VERY tidy.  So this morning as you are finishing up your cup of coffee and about to leave your kitchen, think about where you are headed next, scan the room, if you see something that needs to go back to the place you are headed, grab it and take it with you.
P.S.  If this post sounds familiar, it is!  I posted it over 6 months ago.