organize . . .

If you are a homeowner you probably have a LOVE-HATE relationship with your home.  You love it because it's your shelter, where you rest your head at night and this big huge box of memories from the past, current and the ones to come in the future.  But . . . . we all get frustrated with the amount of work and money keeping a house up requires.  Here's a few things I am organizing/doing around here to keep our house in shape so I don't get any surprises!

  1. Yesterday I had the gutters sealed and cleaned inside and out.
  2. I also had the moss scraped off the roof and treated for future moss.
  3. Our furnace has had a workout lately, so I am going to get it tuned up.  I also smell this funny smell (which I looked up on line) and it turns out the flame is not adjusted appropriately.  There's a YouTube video to fix it, but I'm going to leave that to the professionals.
  4. I took a walk through our yard to see what plants made it through both freezes, cleaned up all the sticks (actually I had the kids do that part) and just made sure there wasn't anything funky happening anywhere.
  5. I am currently getting bids from companies to have our windows cleaned this summer.
  6. We need to have our house painted this summer, I have that all lined up . . . now I just have to pick a color.  Suggestions??

That's pretty much it for now.  In the next couple months, I will be getting the sprinklers primed for summer and fertilizing our yard.  What projects do you have going on?