the kitchen sink . . .

Here's a little trick in the kitchen I want to share.  Cut the following fruits and veggies in the sink, the mess and juices require zero clean-up because everything can be swept down the drain.

  1. WATERMELON.  Watermelon season is just around the corner.  The next time you get a watermelon, cut it in the sink.  Just plop your cutting board right in the sink and start cutting away.  The juice will just run off the cutting board right down the drain and not onto your counter or kitchen floor.  Yes, it's a tiny bit awkward to cut stuff up in the sink, but the clean up is so so so much easier!
  2. BROCCOLI.  Cut this up in the sink too.  And all those tiny little florets that pop off when you are chopping will pop off into the sink, not your counter tops of floor.
  3. CITRIS FRUITS.  These can also be pretty juicy (or at least they should be).  If you have a lot to cut or are juice, do it in the sink . . . no more sticky clean up.
  4. PEELING.  I peel all my veggies (cucumber, potatoes, carrots, etc) right into the corner in the sink.  Then I just grab the entire wad and throw it in the compost.  I use to try and peel stuff right into the compost, but I always missed.  The sink is so much bigger and I rarely miss.

Let me know if you have any additional tips or tricks in the kitchen!