your entry way . . . some simple tricks

The winter time is a great time to really figure out if the entry way or DUMPING ZONE in your home is meeting your family's needs.  Here are some simple tips to get your on track.

  1. Get a hook or small bowl for your keys.
  2. Get rid of all the stuff in your dumping zone you are currently using, coats, purses, summer shoes, reusable grocery bags, etc.
  3. Make a spot for each persons shoes.  You can buy a cute basket or an ugly one, just get one for each person.
  4. Hooks.  Hooks are great for jackets, bags, purses, school bags, etc.  If a kiddo can reach a hook they can hang their own stuff up.  Put hooks where ever you have a sold spot to hang one.  If you have a hanging coat closet, you might even consider taking out the rod and putting in a wall of hooks.
  5. Clean you coat closet out often.

Have a great day everyone.