kids . . .

This is so simple and so easy to screw up!  If your children are happily playing or relaxing or doing whatever they are doing . . . DO NOT BOTHER THEM, JUST LET THEM BE.  Here are some examples . . .

  • If your kids are coloring and they only have one pen, don't offer them more.  Let them be creative doing different patterns with one color, or maybe coloring a tree pink.  Just let them enjoy what they are doing, just let them be.
  • If your kids are outside playing soccer with a basketball don't tell them they should get a soccer ball.  Just let them be.  Don't interrupt them, don't change their game, don't change their program.  They came up with a game, let them enjoy it.
  • If your kiddo is sitting on the couch relaxing, let them be.  Don't offer them a drink, don't offer them a snack.  In this day and age, it is important to not only teach our kiddos to relax, but to let them do it!

You get the point.  Let your kids be in charge of their play, the down time, their whatever time.  There is NO NEED to offer your kiddo more when they DID NOT ask you for anything.  If your kiddo is happily eating dinner and doesn't have a drink, it's OK if they eat dinner without a drink.  No need to offer them a drink.  Let them come up with their needs, wants and desires on their own.  Let them use their thinking cap!

Yesterday I set up this game for our kids to play indoor basketball with socks.  I tied a string between two dining room chairs and then set up a bunch of mixing bowls on the other side.  They were suppose to throw the socks in the bowls.  Instead they decided to throw socks at the string between the two chairs.  They were more creative than me and I just let them be.

Have a great day everyone!  And remember . . . let them be, let them be, let them be.