Kids! NO SHARING allowed! hA hA

I am not a big fan of teaching my kids to share their toys with one and other at their ages (2, 3 and 4).  The reason is because I think the concept at their age just kinda sucks.  Here's an example, Teddy will be working away with magnetic tiles constructing a master piece and Murphy will come over and want to build something too.  Instead of forcing Teddy to 'share' the tiles with her, I ask Murphy to ask Teddy if she can also play with the tiles.  Sometimes he says "yes" and sometimes he says "no."  Now, I know this sounds kinda crazy.  But for me I have Teddy working so nicely on his magnet tiles and I want to encourage him to keep at his project.  And I have Murphy who sees what he's building and wants to join in (because what he is building looks really cool and colorful).  If Teddy says "no" she cannot join in then she has to learn patience and wait for her turn.  If Teddy says "yes, come and join me" it's great they can work on it together.  It seems to always be the case when one kid is working so hard on something and another kid wants to step in and do it too.  I think the kid who is working away should get to continue working away and the other kid can wait or work on another project.  I think the kids understand the concept of sharing, but when it involves toys it's too much to handle.  Have you ever watched your kid have to share their toy with another kid, they give the death stare until they get it back.  So I say, save 'sharing toys' for a later date. I do however think sharing is important in the long run and I want to encourage it.  So I have chosen to teach our kiddos the concept of sharing with food.  Often they will set down for lunch or breakfast or dinner and I will load up one snack plate of food.  They take a few things and pass the plate, they have to share the plate of food.  And if they are hungry this can really be tough for them.  But, I quickly remind them if we need to refill the plate we can.  They do a great job asking for the plate and passing it back and forth to each other.  And . . . the best part about it is that I don't have to ask or force them to share they are just naturally doing it.

I know I did not do the best at explaining how we do this or why I have chosen this for our family.  So if you have any questions or think you can explain it better than me (PRO or CON) go ahead and send me a comment.  XO