It's time to clean . . .

So here in Portland the weather has been amazing!  It's cold, but so sunny!  Step outside today and take a quick second to sweep off and tidy up the outdoor spaces at your house.

  1. Sweep your outside patios (make sure you get the leaves that have collected in the corners).
  2. Use your broom to get all the cob webs that have collected in the corners.
  3. Straighten up and wipe off any outdoor furniture.  I know it's not the time of year to enjoy sitting outside, but take care of your stuff.  Just give it a quick clean, it will look nicer!
  4. Throw away or bring in anything that has been sitting outside and needs to be put back in it's home.
  5. Make sure your 'extra' key outside is still in it's safe place.

P.S.  You do not have to do this all at once.  As you are drinking your coffee this morning, grab the broom and a jacket and quickly sweep everything.  Leave the broom outside.  On your way out the door this AM, step out the door two minutes earlier than you need too and swat all the cob webs down.  Also take a quick mental note of anything that may need to be put away or thrown away.  Figure out where it should all go and when you get home tonight put that stuff away OR have your kid put that stuff away.  At the same time have your kiddo check for your extra key.  And lastly tonight when it's freezing out, just wipe down your furniture . . . just do it!