Last night . . .

we had a little party.  And David was in charge, he did the meal plan, the cooking, the shopping etc.  Yes, he was pretty much a star and everyone loved his food!  I was getting the kiddos ready for bed and he was putting the final touches on his program.  However, he was making popcorn.  He LOVES popcorn so I thought he was making himself a little snack before the guests arrived.  Nope, popcorn was one of his appetizers!  We had cheese and salami and crackers (the usual apps), but the simple old popcorn won 'the best appetizer award.'  So for your next party whip up a bowl of popcorn!  And if you wanna get fancy add some salt or butter or yeast flakes or cayenne or parmesan, whatever just offer popcorn and your guests will be so excited! XO

P.S.  Next Friday I will tell you what we did for dessert, another total hit!

P.P.S. Watch for my meal plan on Sunday.  The week kicks off with not ONE but TWO great crock pot recipes!