ORGANIZE - that stuff you can never find . . .

There are always random things I need in our house and so I keep them EVERYWHERE.  I have designated a little drawer or box on each floor in our house for these things . . . Try it, you will like it!

  • Packing tape - I only keep this in the basement and kitchen.
  • Scotch tape - I have this everywhere.  I also have a role of the painters tape upstairs because the kids ALWAYS want to hang something on their walls.  If it's not to heavy this tape works great.
  • A small measuring tape - I have them EVERYWHERE!
  • Chapstick - I'm addicted, I have it everywhere.
  • Multi-purpose screwdriver - I keep it in the kitchen.
  • Lotion - Tubes and tubs are in the bathrooms, the kitchen and my purse.
  • Scissors - kitchen, bedroom and a tiny pair in my purse.
  • I have them in the kitchen any I keep 30+ of them on the shifter in my car.

Have a great day!  XO