It's organize Thursday . . . closets

I wish I could think of a clever way to write Organize Thursday, I just haven't come up with anything yet that isn't too cheesy.  Anyway, to start this post off I just want to make sure you and your kiddos have written all your Holiday thank you cards! David and I cleaned out our closet.  I realized I have a bunch of clothes and shoes I am not wearing, but I don't really want to part with them completely.  Some of the clothes I don't wear, but I still really like.  Some of them are too small, but I think may be back in style one day or my daughter might want it.  And some things I am just tired of wearing, but still really like.  When we were cleaning out our closet I made three piles.  Clothes I wear all the time, clothes I just want to get rid of and clothes I like, but just don't wear right now.  I threw all of those in a tupperware container and put them in the attic.  This may not seem like it was that big of deal, but it was!  Normally when I clean out my closet I make two piles KEEP AND DONATE.  And some of the things I keep always drive me crazy.  I will keep something I haven't worn in ages, and it's just because I paid a lot for it or I think I will like it one day OR I think it may fit one day.  Now, I have removed all that stuff from my closet, freed up tons of space, and I don't have the burden of having donated something I may want back one day.