when to buy 'what' on sale

THIS POST WAS SUPPOSE TO GO OUT YESTERDAY, IT JUST DID NOT MAKE THE SUPER HIGHWAY.  SORRY ABOUT THAT . . .  In this months HGTV magazine there is a 2-page spread about items that go on sale and when to buy them.  Take a peak, you never know you might be able to wait a month or two on your next big purchase and save a few $$.

jan - fitness equipment because retailers know everyone is setting resolutions to get in shape  & linens go on sale


feb - electronics


mar - garden, lawn products & luggage get cheap


apr - vacuums & home accents get discounted because Mother's Day, weddings and graduation are near


may - bbqs, flowers and vegetables for your garden are discounted up to 50%


jun - dishware and tools take a deep discount


july - paint & mattresses go on sale


aug - computers and shrubs decrease in price to get you ready for the fall


sep - indoor & outdoor furniture have HUGE price cuts


oct - cookware and camping gear take a price haircut to get consumers to buy kitchen gear for their holiday cooking and to decrease summer camping inventory


nov - cars are on sale so car dealers can end their year on a high note and ALL appliances big and small go on sale


dec - air conditioners and carpeting go on sale