your in box . . .

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OK let's get the New Year started with clean inboxes.  It's Monday and it is time to clean.  So sit down with a yummy cup of coffee or a stiff cocktail and clean out your inbox.  Here's how you can tackle it . . . 

  1. This first job is a BIG one.  Remove yourself from all the mass mailings you don't read.  Yes, this takes a while but it is so worth it in the long run.  So instead of deleting the emails you don't read, open them up and click the unsubscribe button.
  2. Take care of all the TO DO's in your inbox.  Respond to friends, confirm appointments and RSVP to parties.
  3. Delete what you don't need.
  4. Lastly, make some folders for yourself to keep your inbox organized and clutter free.  Here are some helpful folders to get you organized.  1) ORDER CONFIRMATIONS for all your online purchases  2) PHOTOS  3) house stuff, bills, contacts, bids, etc  4) KIDS, have a folder for each of your kids - keep track of their camps, doctor information, school stuff, party invitations  and 5) AIRLINE TICKETS.  And anything else that might be helpful for you.

Have a great day and pat yourself on the back for getting your inbox in order!  xoxoxoxox