LIFE . . . you (tuesday)

Do you ever sit back and realize how lucky you are?  We were getting into bed the other night.  It was cold and rainy out.  David had his standard evening snack (popcorn and a beer) and I was all snuggled up under the covers.  We were going to watch Grown Ups 2 . . . I know, I know a very wild evening!  Anyway,  I kinda had the chills and was so happy to be snuggled under two down comforters and wrapped in soft cozy pajamas. I was exhausted.  I was up early that morning to workout (the usual 4AM), then I took one kid to the grocery store with me to get supplies to make 60 cupcakes for a soccer party.  Then David left for two tennis matches while I was with the kiddos and making cupcakes.  And you may already know this, but baking or cooking and taking care of a 2,3 and 4 year old is a BIG BALANCING act.  And 'aunt flo' was about to come to town, so my body was cooked that night.

Back to being snuggled in my bed . . . seriously it was blissful, I was so cozy!  And then I said to David, do you realize how lucky we are?  He who has MS and works his a$$ off to provide for us was like, yes!!!  And, I said all the crazy weather (hurricanes and typhoons) that have displaced and even killed so many people.  And he of course with his usual brilliant words, said Kysa there are A LOT of people suffering out there, homeless people, abuse victims, people who have suffered a loss, people with illness (health or mental), etc, etc.

Yesterday I got some news that I was NOT at all excited about.  And I kinda hunkered down in my little sad world.  I kinda got pissed at the kids during dinner (and also because I cooked dinner for 5 hours and it was horrible).  I cried to David, I cancelled an appointment I had last night.  I said to David I am going to get in my box, think about my situation and pretend this is the only problem on the planet because I have the right to do that.  He said go for it!  So I kissed him goodnight went up stairs, took one PM Midol, put on my pajamas and hopped into bed to just be by myself and relax.  This morning I am still a little bummed, but I know how lucky I am.  Sorry ladies, but I have the greatest husband in the world!  I have four awesome kids, a cute dog, great house, sweet friends, etc etc.  When times get a little rocky, go ahead and sulk, but look for the sunshine and be thankful too!