Wednesday - KIDS

I am really enjoying writing about kids.  Not because I think I know everything, I DO NOT!  But, when I write about one of my crazy parenting ideas I get a lot of clarity for myself.  Enough about why I enjoy writing, here is today's topic.  Do you ever get sick of hearing yourself warn or remind your kids or spouse of every single little nit-picky thing?!

  • Watch out the oven is hot.
  • Don't forget your lunch.
  • Do you need to use the bathroom?
  • Clean up your room.
  • Say please.
  • Say thank you.
  • Turn the lights off.
  • Take the trash out.

The list goes on and on and it's exhausting.  So today, we are going to STOP!  Just STOP, save this planet from your annoying voice and stop.  You get to take a different approach, it's time to get psycho.  Yep, seal up your lips and watch your household change.

  • The next time your kid is about to bump into the hot oven or touch the BBQ, let them!  Now, I don't want you to let your child sit down on an oven door and be scarred for life.  But, if your little bugger decides to get close to the oven and you are close by, let them!  The hot air will have them turning the other direction in NO TIME.  And you will never, ever have to remind them to watch out for a hot oven.  Here's a little story, our non-walking 15 month old (who is now 4) touched the BBQ.  Yes, he burnt his finger, but nothing a little ice water couldn't fix.  And to this day he stays away from the BBQ.  And last night our 3 and 4 year old were watching bread bake in the oven, and when I reached for the handle to open the oven, they both ran for cover . . . they have both touched the oven before.
  • Remind your kids ONCE (if you must) to put their lunch in their backpack for school.  And PLEASE don't tell me you are putting your kids lunches in their backpacks for them!  If their hands and feet work, they can do it themselves!  It's OK if they forget their lunch, they won't do it again.
  • Quit reminding your kids to use the bathroom!  Let them be in charge of their bladders.  I know you are reminding them so you don't have to find a bathroom on a road trip or in traffic, etc, etc.  Let your kids learn.  Let your kids see how difficult it is to find a bathroom in bumper to bumper traffic when the next exit is in 5 miles away.  Your children will start learning to remind themselves!
  • If you are nagging your kid to clean their room seven times a day, STOP!  Don't mention it.  But, the next time your kid asks for something which averages about every 7 minutes for most kids (like to have a friend over, glass of water, to use the computer, etc).  Say, sure . . . after you clean your room.  Do this for six months, and guess what your kid might just realize his life is much easier if he just keeps his/her room clean.
  • I ignore my children when they ask for something without saying 'please' or 'thank you' first.  Seriously!  My daughter knows this and sometimes just to drive me out of my mind she will say, 'can I have a glass of water in a big girl cup with ice' at least ten times without saying please.  I have to go outside and scream profanities to continue my calm ignoring, but I do it.  And finally she realizes her joke is only on herself, and she says 'please.'  I am sure you have all taught your kids to say please and thank you, now force them to use it!
  • Turn the lights off.  I know where my husband has been in our house because he leaves a trail of lights on.  I don't say anything to him about it.  I figure he pays the bills and if he wants to pay a little extra for electricity . . . have at it!  As for the rest of the crew.  If I see a light on, I grab their hand take them to offending light switch and point.  They know the routine, get out the stool, climb up there and turn the light off.
  • This one is for all those husbands who need to peel themselves away from ESPN and take the fn' trash out!  Ladies don't say a word, grab the trash take it over to your loving husbands.  Grab the remote, turn the tv off and hand them the trash.  Walk away with the remote in your hand.  They will get the point!

Have a great day everyone and keep your mouths shut!  XO