GOOD MORNING.  As you know today is Tuesday and generally I talk about some random topic pertaining to LIFE.  So here it is . . . DO YOU LOVE WHO YOU ARE?  Let me break the question down a little further . . .

  • Do you like the woman you are?  Or man?  Do you want to dress better?  Take better care of yourself?  Have better manners?
  • Do you like the employee you are?  Do you work hard enough?  Do you work well with your coworkers?
  • Do you like the spouse you are?  Do you take care of your significant other the way you want to?  Do you communicate to the best of your abilities?
  • Do you like the friend you are?  Do you feel good about the friendships you have?
  • Do you like the mother or caregiver you are?  Could you keep your cool more often?  Do you have areas you need improvement?

The answer is "YES"!  We can all improve in almost every area in our life!  You don't have to be a constant self-help book, but continue to educate yourself, open your eyes, pay attention so you can be the best person you can be.  You are probably asking yourself, how?  I am so busy right now I can't imagine reading another book, doing more for my spouse, cleaning out my closet so I can dress better.  It doesn't have to be that big of a job, and it shouldn't!  Have fun with this.  You are always giving advice to your friends and kids, in this little plan you will be giving the advice to yourself.

Pick the first thing that comes to mind about yourself that you would like to change.  Keep it simple!  Keep it simple so you can succeed!  Now just act the part.  If you want to dress better, do it!  You know the clothes that are nicer, wear them!  If you want to be a better employee, you know how to do it, do it!  You know how to be a better spouse, pick a small thing you can do to improve and do it!  Etc, etc.  These do not have to be big changes, just little ones for you.  So at night when you tuck your sweet self into bed you can rest your head on the pillow and smile because you are continuing to work on you, for you!