Thursday - let's organize

Do you have a central location in your house where you store ALL your extras (tp, batteries, lightbulbs, etc)?  If so stop reading, no need to go on because you know how great this system is!  Or do you have these 'extras' scattered in various places around your house.  Make yourself a storage area and keep everything EXTRA there.  Trust me, once you organize this system in your home . . . you will LOVE it!  Here's why, if you are storing 10 extra rolls of toilet paper in one closet, and light bulbs in another spot and extra tooth paste over there and extra paper plates and cups on the top shelf in the kitchen you will never know when you run out.  Let me ask you this . . . have you ever purchased something (say Q-tips) and then got home to find you bought the Costco pack of Q-tips last time too!  We have all done it! So my advice is to grab all your extras around the house . . . zip locks, diapers, wipes, toilet paper, shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste, paper goods, light bulbs, etc and put together a storage shelf for yourself.  Keep everything in ONE central place.  And if you think you don't have the room, think again because you will be freeing up a lot of space around your home as you collect your 'extras.'    Your extra storage shelf can be ANYWHERE!  A guest room closet, the garage, the basement, laundry room, attic . . . anywhere that is out of the way.  Have fun with this as you discover you have 15 extra rolls of kitchen tall trash bags!

XO  Kysa