winter wardrobe

It's Thursday, let's organize!  As I have mentioned a few times recently . . . WINTER IS HERE!  Here is a little list of TO DO's to get everyone in your house ready for the cold weather.  Find a handy spot in your house, garage, attic and tuck your summer items away.  Set aside about two hours to get everyone in your home winterized. Here are some lite guidelines to get you started.  And if you do have a hot weather trip planned during the winter it will be VERY easy to pack.  Just head to your summer clothing storage spot, pull out your favorites and you are ready to go!

YOU . . .

  1. Tuck the following away, shorts, summer dresses, tanks, sandals, sun hats.  And I know the weather is nice, but wearing summer clothes in the winter is like wearing linen!  Come on folks, put the summer stuff away.  I was at a winter party last year and a lady was wearing a halter dress, it was 40 degrees out, she looked ridiculous.  I am sure she thought it looked great because she was showing off some skin, she was wrong!
  2. Find all your toasty sweaters, re-fold them, get the air circulating through them.  Maybe send them off to the dry cleaner and get them fresh for the winter.  Donate ANY sweaters you aren't going to wear or that don't fit.
  3. Get your boots out and warm socks.
  4. Gloves, hats and scarves.  Do you have both gloves?  Do you like your hats?  Are your scarves still cozy?
  5. Jackets.  Do they fit?  Do you have too many?
  6. Now recruit your family and one by one go through their closets.  Of course no one is going to want to do this with you, but they have too.  And . . . this only takes about 15 minutes per person.  It's 15 minutes you get to spend alone with every member of your family!  Make a list of any extra stuff you need for your family, new boots, jackets, gloves etc.
  7. Just think if you stick to this plan, Sunday night you can relax and know that you and everyone in your family is ready for winter.