taking care of you . . .

So here it is ladies and gentleman . . . YOU!  What are you going to do for yourself today?  I think it is so important to take care of numero uno!  I know we are all better employees, business owners, mothers, fathers, friends, volunteers, coaches, etc, etc when we take some time for ourselves.  We all need to learn, know and understand we are the most important people to take of.  If we take care of ourselves we can take care of all the other people and tasks in our life at 110%. It doesn't matter what your title is or even if you have a few!  If you don't give yourself that much needed time to yourself, you get crabbyy, irritated, your patiences are next to nothing, you basically become the person I am pretty sure you don't want to be.

You need to re-start your engines ALL the time!  You need to regroup.  I need it everyday, I need time to myself EVERYDAY!  And trust me I get.  I get up early in the morning to get it, but I get it.  And I am such a nicer, happier, smarter person for it.  And most important . . . when I get time to myself I am the person I want to be.

So go and take that time to yourself.  It is OK to skip a kiddo's soccer game (trust me there will be plenty more).  It's OK to skip a meeting, a volunteer opportunity, IT'S PRETTY MUCH OK TO SKIP ANYTHING IF YOU NEED A LITTLE TIME FOR YOU.  If you are feeling exhausted go restart your engine and do something for yourself; you, your family and others in your life will thank you for it.

Here is an extra little thought for mommies and daddies . . .

If you decided to become a mom or a dad, you did it because you wanted to love something little and cute, and watch it grow and guide it and then love it a little more and then watch it grow, etc, etc.  And if you aren't having those feelings everyday (I DIDN'T SAY ALL DAY) it's because you aren't putting yourself before your kids.  The late nights are tough, but even with the irritation and exhaustion you should have a little smile on your face when you snuggle your baby or child in the middle of the night.  The temper tantrums are super irritating, but every now and again they should make you laugh.  The sibling fighting is loud and annoying, but it should bring up childhood memories for you.  Anyway, you get the point.  You should be enjoying this job a lot of the time and, if you aren't it's time to put YOU before THEM (and that means everyone, kids, hubby, work, etc).  Go get some YOU time!  Trust me, you will thank yourself later.

And one last thing.  My husband and I generally put ourselves before our kids.  We go out on date nights, we go play tennis when they have soccer games, we spend half of Sunday together strolling around Portland or on a hike.  We take time for each other as much as we can.  Of course we meet all our kids needs.  They are fed, watered, have a comfortable shelter over their head, they get to where they need to go and I am pretty confident they feel very loved.  But, we don't make every soccer game, we don't drive to every soccer practice.  The other day my husband went and played tennis during one of the kids soccer games.  I am trying to teach our kids that we meet our needs and then theirs.  And hopefully that will play out in their lives.  I want our kids to meet their own needs before their friends, their girlfriends/boyfriends.  There are two reasons we function this way, 1) David and I need time to celebrate our marriage and 2) I don't want our children walking out the door at age 18 and thinking the rest of the world is going to put them before anything else.  Can you imagine the kid who is raised as if they were the only person in their household, all their needs are met instantly . . . what kind of college roommate will that kid be, what kind of employee will that kid be and what kind of spouse will that kid be???  If your kiddo is being raised to think their needs should always be met first, it might be time to re-program.

Another 'last thing.'  Everyone in our household is special, even the dog.  Since, I am the family organizer I make sure I make time for special events for the kids individually and as a family too, not just David and I.  Last weekend David took our daughter to a hotel for a night of swimming, dinner and sleepover,  last night David took our oldest boy out to dinner and this past weekend we all went hiking.  Everyone is special around here, but the Chief and Chief-ette's needs are met first so we can be happy, rested, smiling parents all the time.