winter . . . woo hoo!

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 6.41.38 AM

Last night my husband and I got home late and it was awesome out!  There was a nice crisp chill outside . . . winter is coming!  I love the cold weather, I love getting all bundled up, wearing cozy sweaters, jackets, warm pj's, hot drinks, tons of blankets on my bed, etc, etc.  

Along with winter comes a little work to get our home in order before the temperatures really drop.  Here are a few things we will be doing around the house.

  1. Cover all the outdoor bibs with covers.
  2. Bring in outdoor furniture cushions or bring in outdoor furniture.
  3. Have sprinklers blown out (pipes cleared of any water) and turned off for the winter.
  4. Get gutters cleaned after the leaves have all fallen (in a few months).
  5. Check the roof for moss growth.
  6. Get the chimney cleaned.
  7. Get your furnace serviced, having it break in the winter is a bummer!
  8. Replace or clean furnace filters.
  9. Get your trees serviced!  Heavy branches or dead trees can do A LOT of damage.
  10. Check for drafts in your doors or windows.
  11. Check your smoke detector alarms/batteries!
  12. Check your carbon monoxide detectors!

Let me know if you have any other great ideas for winterizing your home.