DAY 4 kids . . . be polite

I am not the politest person in the world by a long, long shot.  However, I do know my manners.  I went to two little schools to teach me manners (my mom's choice) and I read Emily Post (736 pages) cover to cover out of curiosity.  Here is a quick tip . . . be polite to your child.  Your child learns how to speak, tone of voice and words to use from you and their other care givers.  So if you are using (what we like to call in our house) 'rude words,' you are going to hear rude words right back.  Instead, if you say please and thank you to your child, discipline them with kind words and use a politer tone around the house you will get same response from your kiddos.  PLEASE NOTE, YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT GOING TO SIT BACK AND SAY, thank you for taking my phone, I deserved it or you are right I do need go to bed early tonight, etc etc.  But over time, there will be shift . . . I promise. Here are some examples on how to parent with manners . . .

  1. Say 'thank you' to your kids for getting them self out the door in the morning in a timely manner.  Now, you may think why should I say 'thank you,' when I expect them to get up and get going in the morning.  Let me ask you this, when you order your coffee in the morning and hand the server money and they hand you your coffee, do you say 'thank you?'  Yep, you do and you paid money to say it.  So say it to your kid.
  2. When you ask your child to do something, say 'please.'  When they do it, say thank you.  It's simple and it rubs off.
  3. Then next time you need to scold your children for WHATEVER, do it politely.  Just because you are mad doesn't mean you need to use a mean voice.  No need to scare children or be mean, just correct their behavior with a nice quiet voice and move on!
  4. Thank your children helping.  And ask them to help so you can say thank you to them.  No need to go over board here, just say thank you!


For me, the most amazing thing I have notice for myself about raising the kids with manners is that I have kids who are learning manners.  But the best thing for me, is that when I discipline with manners I don't get as fired up or irritated or worked up over the situation.  I stay pretty calm, I am very clear with my words and the situation does not tend to spiral out of control.  The effect is the kids don't seem to spiral out of control either.  Have a great day everyone and thank you for reading my blog.  Kysa