garbage . . .

trash Emptying the trash is NOT the best job in our house, but my husband has to do it!  I keep a roll of extra trash bags at the bottom of each trash bin.  It makes emptying the trash that much easier.  Yes, it was a big job in the beginning.  I had to buy a lot of rolls of garbage bags.  But, I have not had to buy garbage bags for a long time.  And now it's so simple to empty the trash.  I simply grab the trash bag out, grab a new bag from the bottom of the waste bin, replace the old bag and I'm done!  No need to go scrambling around the house to get a trash bag.  When I can reuse the garbage bag, this easy to do this with the recycling.  I simply empty the recycling into our outdoor bin, and if the bag hasn't gotten wet or ripped I slip it back into the bin.


Another thing we do around here is keep one main garbage can in a nice container on the 2nd floor of our house.  This is great for a number of reasons.  Everyone can empty their personal garbage can here, plus it's a great place for wet diapers.  No diaper genies or diaper bins in the kids rooms!  This hallway trash can fills up very quickly, it's so for the kids to empty during chores or for me to empty in the evening without disturbing sleeping kids.


Lastly, we have a dog.  We use to have four!  And that is when this plan was put in place.  We have a designated area where the dog goes to the bathroom.  In the corner out of the kids and the dogs reach I have a small trash can and pooper scooper.  The can is lined with a garbage sack.  So we simply scoop the poop, and put it in the small trash can in the corner.  When it's time to take the garbage to the street, my husband grabs the garbage sack in the corner and throws it in the trash.  Pretty simple.  P.S.  Make sure you place your poop garbage can under a covered area . . . it's very, VERY gross when it fills to the top with rain water!

If you have a cat, you can do the same thing with the litter box.  Simply keep a garbage bin (preferably with a lid) right next to the box, and empty it into the trash can.  It might be a good idea to have a garbage can with a lid.


Have a great weekend everyone!  I am contemplating doing a week about kiddos and some of the tricks we do around here to keep some bit of order.  Anyone interested?


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