Gesundheit or Salute! or Prosit . . .

Or as we may also know it Gesundheit.  The cold and flue season is around the corner.  I thought I would post today about getting your house in order, so when you or a family member get sick you are prepared!  So follow the simple steps below by either doing the few tasks listed below or add a few items to your next grocery list.

G E T    Y O U R S E L F     C O L D    &     F L U    S E A S O N    R E A D Y     :0


stock up on the following . . . (at home and maybe at your office too)

  1. Stock up on vitamin C.
  2. Stock up on EmergenC there are flavors for everyone in your family.
  3. Stock up on cold and flu tea, or your favorite tea.
  4. Stock up on Probiotics (you should be taking these all the time anyway, but they are really important when you are sick).
  5. Load up tissues.
  6. Load up an hand soap for your bathrooms and hand sanitizer (I don't like hand sanitizer).
  7. Get a big supply of paper towels.
  8. Load your pantry with chicken noodle soup.
  9. Load your car up with wipes, tissues and maybe a towel or two for big messes (a couple of garbage sacks are easy to store and pretty handy if you need them).
  10. Medicine - Are all your family favorites up to date (decongestants, fever reducers, etc)?  We don't use medicine, I tend to go the natural route when possible.  If that is your family plan too, are you ready?  Cold socks, cod liver oil, heating pads, etc?

things to do around the house . . .

  1. Is your thermometer handy and working?
  2. Clean all your blankets so they are ready for the winter.
  3. Make sure you have extra sheets ready.  Check out this blog post,
  4. Do you have movies, books, puzzles, etc ready to go for sick days?
  5. Do you have back-up child care if you need it?
  6. Do you have some extra sick days at work?
  7. Do you have cozy pajamas for everyone?
  8. If your family get's their flu shot, have you scheduled to do this?


Thank you for reading everyone!  Have a great day and don't get sick!  XO