the spice of life . . .

Alright everyone.  Tonight after your home settles down, I have a very fun night planned for you.  Grab your husband or partner and clean out the spice rack.  I bet you thought I was going to write something different, ha ha!  Seriously . . . pull out all your spices and have your grocery list handy.  Now open every jar and smell the contents . . . can you smell anything?  If YES, keep it.  If NO, toss it and replace it by writing it down on your grocery list.  Have fun!  And I hope you are having a great week! Just a quick reminder, did you get your calendar organized with fun activities for the the fall???  Remember this post . . . here is what I wrote August 6th.  Just wanted to make sure you all are squared away.

Get out your calendar and make sure to squeeze in at least five of the following activities in the fall.  I know, thinking about summer being over is a drag.  Don't have it be that way, plan yourself a GREAT fall!

- All the plays, traveling shows, comedy clubs, lecture series have their schedules out now.  Do a little digging and buy yourself tickets to SOMETHING!

- Look at the museum exhibits in your surrounding community.  Pick one you like or pick one you know a friend would like and treat them to a museum and a drink.

- Plan a dinner with friends.  Quick think, who haven't you seen for ages?  OK send them a text or email them right now and set it up!

-  Go to a restaurant in town you have been meaning to try.  Go on, put it on your calendar . . . you deserve it!

- It's that time of year when all the charity invitations start creeping into your mailbox.  Just pick one and go.  Trust me you will see someone you haven't seen for ages at the event.  At the end of the night you will feel like a positive member of your community.  To all my Portland, Oregon friends the Multiple Sclerosis Gala is approaching . . . PLEASE BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE

- Everyone has a park or hike near them they have been meaning to do.  Now's the time, put it on the calendar.  Remember you aren't making these awesome fall plans for me, they are for you.  GO HAVE SOME FUN!

P.S.  I turned 40 yesterday!  Woo hoo, I am having my first mammogram today.  Have you had yours?  Or do you have yours scheduled.  Have a great day EVERYONE!