tupperware . . .

Is your tupperware storage a disaster?  Do you have to pull out five different containers to find a matching lid?  Do you even have a matching lid?  We use tupperware containers all the time in our kitchen.  There seems to always be leftovers of something.  My husband has been 'nagging' me to blog about how we store our tupperware.  This is not rocket science ladies and gentlemen it's just a simple way to store your containers. Drum roll please . . . . we have a separate drawer for lids and a separate drawer for containers.  Seriously, that's it.  And it doesn't sound like that would be a big deal, but it is! We grab the container we need from the container drawer and then find the matching lid. It's simple.

You might be wondering how you are going to find two extra drawers in your kitchen.  Here are some simple tips to free up space in your kitchen.

1.  Start with appliances.  These take up TONS of space and you might not always use them.  A great example is those big counter top mixers.  Yes, they are great, but in most homes they don't get used often.  Maybe you can store this in the basement, closet or pantry.

2.  Baking supplies.  If you are a baker (like my friend Val)* keep this stuff stored close in your kitchen.  But, if you don't bake much and have every possible baking tool, tuck it away.  I keep my flour, sugar (brown, white and powered) chocolate chips, vanilla etc. all stored up high in a plastic bin.  When I bake I pull the whole container down and everything is right there.  You can do the same for your baking tools, cookie cutters, rolling pin, sifter, etc.

3.  Mixing bowls take up a lot of space.  Do you have one set, or three sets.  Do you really need all that or can you donate a set??

4.  Extra food.  Do you store extra food?  If you are storing for the end of the world or a natural disaster, great!  Otherwise forget storing food.  Yes Costco is a great deal.  But would you rather store your money in stocks, bonds, savings accounts or canned goods?  Quit stocking up on food, buy fresh and only buy what you need.  You will end up with tons of extra room in your kitchen.

If you have an area in your kitchen I didn't mention and you need some help brain storming.  Send me a question by posting a comment and I am sure I can help!

So back to the tupperware.  Now that you have freed up some extra space in your kitchen.  Separate your lids from your containers, and make sure you have a lid for EVERY container.  Now you are on your way to great food container storage in your kitchen.

*Hey Girl!  We haven't had a cookie delivery in a long, long time!