storing/organizing memories . . .

How do you keep track of ALL those memories that aren't in your computer photo album or framed hanging on your wall?  I'm talking about art projects, ticket stubs, funny things you have written down, invitations you want to hold onto, memories you should write down and store somewhere, love letters, postcards, you get the point.  Do you just toss it here or there, or throw it in a box to tackle later? I have the perfect solution!  I call it a memory book.  I use one of those large, black, hardcover sketch books.  Check out this one, found no other place than amazon .  I have a book for each of my kids.  I use to have one for myself and my husband, but you know how it goes.  If you don't have kids, keep a book for yourself!  I love going through my book before I had kids, and now my kids love going through their books.books

This may seem like a lot of work, but trust me it's not!  And the pay-off is amazing!  Here are the steps:

1.  get yourself one of the mentioned sketch books (I recommend these because they are durable, have very sturdy pages and can look great on a book shelf)

2.  get a basket, in it put the sketch book, a few pens and a roll of tape

3.  So the next time you get a great letter from your mother or your child at camp, an awesome piece of art from your child, your first business card, a great pic of your dog, the menu from the restaurant your partner proposed to you, whatever it is.  Find your basket, open up your memory book, write the date in the corner, grab the tape and start taping away.  If you feel like putting down a little extra, jot a note in the book too.  Close up the book, put everything back in the basket and you are done!  You have just guaranteed you will remember that great memory, picture, art project, trip!

Give this a try!  It's awesome and easy!