mini mama emergency kit . . .

QUICK NOTE:  Did anyone pay it forward??  If you did pass along your story.  We paid it forward at the Starbucks drive thru.  So I don't know who they are or what they looked like.  But I do know when they drove up to get their latte they got a little surprise! OK . . . onto today's blog.  I have this VERY cute 6" x 4" bag I transfer from purse to purse to purse to backpack to where ever I go.  I take it everywhere with me!  I even took it on a hike yesterday!  This bag is my Mini Mama Emergency Kit.  This also is a great gift for friends.  Just find a cute bag, add all the stuff on the list and wrap it up.  So here is what's in my Mini Mama Emergency Kit . . .



-handy wipes

- tweezers

-mirror (10x magnification)

-nail clippers



-hair ties

-safety pins

-extra business cards for my husband and myself

-feminine products


-deflated beach ball (great for kids)


-dental floss

-small scissors

-other items that may be handy: static guard, medication, toothpaste, lipgloss, nail polish, nail polish remover wipes, sewing kit

Let me know if you have your own Mini Mama Emergency Kits.  What's in your kit? . . .


P.S.  I also make this kit for new mamas.  It's a little different, but the purpose is the same.  Basically the kit is geared to throw in your diaper bag and take where ever you go, here's what it has.

-new born diaper

-infant tylenol


-travel size wipes

-bib (one of those plastic ones)

-baby nail clippers






-Orajel or teething tablets (I used Highlands)

Have a great day!