read this if you do laundry . . .

This is NOT the most exciting topic, but since most of us do laundry it's a must.  I do two to three loads a day, lots of people here and lot's of laundry!  I don't let it pile up.  One load here and there is much easier than five loads at once.  And since my kids help out it's getting to be a family activity.  They love tugging the clothes from the wash to put into the dryer, they hand me the clothes from the dryer so I can fold them and best of ALL they put their own clothes away!  Think about it . . . if your child can get their clothes out to dress themselves they can probably put them away. So I get a lot of help in the laundry room.  But I still do a lot of laundry.  Because of that I have some great tips.  First of all, have one dirty clothes basket near all your bedrooms.  I just have a large very pretty basket instead of an ugly hamper.  It looks like a decoration.  Everyone can put their clothes in the same basket so there is no need to go collecting clothes in everyone's room.

Second, Keep your favorite spray stain fighter near the dirty clothes basket (another great spot for stain fighter is in the kitchen where a lot of stains happen and obviously one in the laundry room).

Third.  I have a bin for each of the following in my laundry room.  1) missing socks  2) linen bag  3) dryer balls (I use tennis balls)  4) dryer sheets  5) donations.  The donation bin is for all those clothes that come through the wash that are too small, destroyed, or it's just time.  On that note, when I am upstairs and I find a piece of clothing that needs to be donated I just throw it in the dirty clothes so it makes it's way to the donation pile.

Forth.  I never run out of laundry detergent, bleach, stain fighter or dryer sheets.  I have it all delivered from my grocery delivery.

Fifth.  If you have clothing dry cleaned, DON'T EVER GO TO THE DRY CLEANER AGAIN!  My husband has all of his work clothes dry cleaned.  For a while I was trying to be the great wife by dropping off and picking up his dry cleaning.  After two kids it was OK, because I generally only had one child with me because the older one was in school.  But, when the third kid came along, I tried to walk with the double stroller to get the laundry.  Wrong!  A double stroller and ten dry cleaned shirts, forget it!  That's when I remembered about the drop off and pick up dry cleaning service van I had seen around the neighborhood.  I made the call that day and we haven't been to a dry cleaner since!  If you think we are fancy with this service, think again.  It's the same price as dropping off and picking up dry cleaning yourself.

Have a great day everyone!  And next time you see the laundry basket filled and you have one minute, remember the ONE MINUTE RULE  and just throw the laundry in the wash or switch it to the dryer.  Don't let it pile up.

P.S.  Thank you Weetie for the new washer and dryer yesterday!