the week of 8/5/13 meal plan . . .

Since I meal plan for our dinners, schedule plan, baby sitter plan, family plan, kid plan, mommy plan every Sunday for the following week, I figured I would share at least our meal plan portion of our schedule with you.  I actually do a weekly print out and post it in the kitchen so we all know what's happening, where we are going and what we are eating.  Here is how I plan to share . . . each Sunday I will do my best to post my dinner meal plan for the week.  Since, we have a crazy household I can't always stick to the plan, but I try.  I will also post the recipes throughout the week.  Enjoy! MONDAY:  cold sesame noodle salad & pot stickers

TUESDAY: potato salad & BLT's (marinate chicken for tomorrow)

WEDNESDAY:  (date night, I generally keep it simple).  cold pasta salad with tomatoes, chicken, fresh basil and mozzarella

THURSDAY: quesadilla's w/ leftover chicken from last night, black beans, cheese and carrots on the side

FRIDAY: going out to dinner!  one of our kids gets back from camp today.  it's his choice where we go.

SATURDAY: teriyaki chicken, rice and oranges

SUNDAY: Every Sunday night we go out to dinner as a family.  It gives me a night off from cooking and it also gives my children a chance to learn to behave in a restaurant setting, order their own food and enjoy each other.


SUMMER COOKING!  I really, really love cooking.  But, in the summer with all the outdoor activities sometimes I feel a little time crunch.  This week is one of them.  So I kept our dinners simple for me to cook.