Portland, Oregon = COMPOST

Yep here is Portlandia we compost.  Our trash is picked up twice a month!  Recycling and composting is picked up weekly, but trash is only twice a month.  We do NOT have a choice but to compost and be professional at recycling.  When the plan was originally rolled out each customer was given an ugly little tan bucket for compost.  Their thought was for customers to keep this ugly bin on your counter top for easy access for food waste.  Seriously!  I was beside myself.  I don't hate the environment, I love it.  But, this new system had me up in arms (I think almost tears).  Now mind you, the day I went on pregnancy bed rest was also the before we moved into a different house and two days after that I had our baby two weeks early.  So tears were kinda common at the time!  Anyway, back to composting . . . where was I?  Oh yeah, storing our food waste on our counter and each time I emptied that awful looking bucket I also had to scrub it out or it would mold and possibly get maggots.  I could not take it.  So I read through all the compost information and found out that newspaper and brown paper sacks are also acceptable in the compost bin.  Ah ha!  So I decided to try this:  I cut one of our paper grocery sacks in half (Portland no longer allows plastic shopping bags, we are back to paper like the good old days), I put the top of the bag (the portion I cut off) into the bottom of the bag and I also put the daily newspaper into the bottom of the bag to absorb any liquids or moisture.  I cleared out a little area under our sink and placed the bag there.  So now while I am cooking, chopping etc., I just pull the bag out and use it as my GB (garbage bucket) for food waste.  I put it away after cooking and pull it back out to scrape our plates.  Then when it's full enough for my comfort level I throw the whole thing in the compost garbage can and simply make another compostable compost container.  Now if you don't get the newspaper or use reusable bags.  No problem!  When you think about it grab a few newspaper circulars or maybe once in a while don't use your reusable bags or even better just ask for a few paper sacks from your grocer.  And check your local composting program they may allow other paper products that would be great for the bottom of your compostable compost bin.