meal planning . . .

Second post today folks!  I got an email from my dear friend Molly asking for more recipes.  Since I cook at least five nights a week in addition to meal planning it would be very easy for me to post recipes.  So I will post what we cooked in our house to share with you.  Like most of us I am always trying to eat more and more and more vegetables.  It's not that I don't like vegetables, there are just so many to chose from and so many recipes I want to cook.  BUT, I have a big household and a lot of different taste buds to please and not all the time in the world to prepare meals.  Sooooo last night I made pea salad.  It doesn't sound very exciting well just you wait, it was!  I also, grabbed a variety of crackers from our pantry, three different kinds of cheese from our fridge and sliced up a cucumber to snack on. Pea Salad.  Ingredients: 1 # frozen peas (unfrozen), 2 Field Roast (vegan) sausages, chopped into 'pea size' pieces and cooked until lightly brown in 1 tablespoon of olive oil.  (Now you can use ham, bacon whatever you like.  BUT just give these Field Roast sausages a try.  I promise you will be VERY happy and much healthier), 3/4 cup cheddar cheese cut into 'pea size' cubes, 1/2 chopped parsley, toasted pinenuts (or any nuts toasted or not toasted, I just got kinda fancy) and 1/2-3/4 cup Newman's Caesar Salad Dressing.  Mix this all* together and serve.

So when I set the table for dinner.  I put the pea salad in bowls for everyone.  I also gave each person a salad plate for the cucumbers and I put the cheese and crackers plate in the center of the table for everyone to pick from.  The deal was you had to eat a cucumber slice or bite of pea salad before each cracker.  We almost had 100% compliance with our rule.  ;)

* Variations:  If you have any leftover veggies/fruit in your fridge add them.  Here are some ideas that would be tasty and cut all of these into pea size bites.  Bell peppers, celery, onion (not too much), garlic, dill, carrots, zucchini (it does NOT have to be cooked), spinach, celery, apple, cranberries.  Go wild, I promise it will ALL taste good.