Yesterday I invited a group of mommies to join me for Mommy Cocktail Hour (MCH) with their kids at our house between 3:30-5:30PM.  It was very informal!  I invited everyone via text message so I figured my cocktails could also be very informal.  I was able to pull together a decent but limited bar with what I had around the house, gin, vodka, whiskey, lemonade, orange tonic, tonic, sliced oranges, plastic cups and napkins.  It was all coming together nicely until I realized I may have to go to the store for ice!  Errrr!  And then I thought of a great idea . . . I emptied our ice maker from the fridge into a ziplock bag and stored it in the freezer.  I let the ice maker fill back up and I emptied it again.  This took about a day total.  At the end I had plenty of ice for MCH.  And I am sure you can guess what I did with the leftover ice . . . yep watered the plants.    ;)